Solar kits provide relief in natural disasters

Power outages can cause both a nuisance and a life threat for many humans. However, by using solar power kits, even those who use other sources of primary electricity will have a lifeline when or if disaster strikes.

Goal Zero recently announced that it hopes to provide more U.S. residents with solar power options to keep them healthy and well when other energy sources are down. The company, which currently is a solar manufacturer of portable solar power systems, is taking these measures in light of the number of tornadoes, hurricanes and floods that have occurred in recent months.

Places that have been devastated by recent natural disasters can also use solar panels in the rebuilding process. The Washington Post reported on the trend of houses in a box that can be easily assembled at the devastated area. One particular design featured by the Post has a large arch that can be used to mount 22 solar panels, which can provide more constant electricity for residents during any rebuilding process.