Solar Carport

Protect your vehicle and produce power with a solar carport. Affordable Solar works with local contractors to build a structure that will last as long as your solar power system. These carports are ideal for homes with limited roof space

  • Application, Contracts

    System is designed, Solar Panels, Inverters and installation components are purchased. Utility connection agreement is signed. Utility Application Process: 3 Weeks.

  • Carport Structure Built

    Carport structure is built by a local steel contractor to Affordable Solar's specifications. Design is engineered and stamped. Build Time: 3 Days

  • Solar Array Installed

    The solar panels and inverters are installed by Affordable Solar's installation partners. This system used micro-inverters which reduced installation costs by 25%.
    Install Time: 3 Days

  • City, Utility Inspections

    Inspectors from both the local municipality and power utility inspect the system for safety. Affordable Solar goes beyond current electric code to design system for extra safety and to address firefighters' concerns.

  • Trim, Roofing, Paint

    The trim and roofing is installed to fill-in the custom shape of the carport. The roof is water tight thanks to UV-protected gaskets applied to the edges of each solar panel prior to installation.

  • Monitoring

    Affordable Solar provides system monitoring to track the performance of your system, and track your contribution back to the grid. See Live Example


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What is Residential Solar?

There are many terms for a residential solar energy system, such as grid-tie (tied into the energy grid), residential solar, and home solar. They all mean the same thing: a solar electric system that provides clean and renewable power from the sun.

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