Ryan Centerwall - Affordable Solar CEO



Ryan studied biochemistry at UCSB and began his career in cancer research. His environmental studies led him to become interested in renewable energy solutions that could reduce the human impact on climate change. Ryan has been at Affordable Solar since 2009, his strategic vision and exemplary leadership has been a key part of the company’s exponential growth since he joined the team.

Ryan’s Favorite Word: Solarize

David Hughes - Affordable Solar Founder and Chairman


founder & chairman

David founded Affordable Solar in 1998 in a rundown Airstream trailer parked in his back yard. He has sold, consulted and managed in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields for more than 20 years. Born in Montreal, David went to school in England and university in Scotland and has degrees in History/Philosophy and Environmental Technology.

David’s Personal Credo: play hard, do good, have fun, prosper

Bob Dawson - Affordable Solar CFO



Bob Dawson has been with Affordable Solar since the early 2000’s. He has over three decades in the construction products industry, was a Certified Public Accountant and holds an MBA from Tulane University. Bob has overseen the explosive growth of the company and been heavily involved in the capitalization strategy for our rapid expansion into new markets.

Bob's Greatest Weakness: cookies

Nestor Tarango - Affordable Solar Sales Manager


director of sales

Nestor Tarango has been in the renewable energy industry since 2004. His vast span of experience in the industry makes him an instrumental part of the team. Nestor has created an expansive network of strategic relationships with solar contractors, financing companies and manufacturers. As an Executive MBA student, Nestor continues to make contributions to Affordable Solar and the solar industry with his expertise and understanding of the solar installation business.

Nestor’s Favorite Pastime: MMA and philosophizing

trishelle kirk - affordable solar director of market development


director of market development

Trishelle started with Affordable Solar in 2014 and immediately hit the ground running creating an entirely new and effective market development strategy that quickly moved her up the ranks. After creating and standardizing a financial programs process for Affordable Solar’s Wholesale Division, Trishelle shifted her focus to business development.

Trishelle’s Spirit Animal: the platypus

Anthony Raniere Jr. - Affordable Solar Purchasing Manager


director of supply chain

With over 2 decades of experience in purchasing, Anthony Raniere has revolutionized supply chain management at Affordable Solar. Anthony has a keen sense for strategic purchasing and decision making in product acquisition and vendor relations along with extensive product knowledge in a constantly changing industry.

Anthony's Greatest Vice: Poker and Potstickers

Ray Lopez - Affordable Solar Customer Service Manager


customer service manager

Ray Lopez comes to Affordable Solar with a multifaceted skill-set. Since 2009, Ray has worked in multiple areas of the company including our warehouses and is now currently Affordable Solar’s Customer Service Manager. In addition to his background as Warehouse Manager, Ray knows exactly what it takes to keep the flow of wholesale product running smoothly.

Ray's Alter-Ego: Batman

Mariam Arya - Affordable Solar Senior Accountant


senior accountant

Mariam has worked at Affordable Solar since 2006, working her way up to Senior Accountant. Mariam possesses the skills to ensure that product procurement and distribution runs smoothly through accurate financing and precise accounting. Mariam holds a B.A. in Economics from Boston University and is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of New Mexico.

Mariam’s Greatest Accomplishment: Kissing a shark in Australia, not getting kissed back

Angela Ortiz - HR Coordinator


hr coordinator

Angela is a natural born leader, her three younger siblings would say. Angela has worked at Affordable Solar since 2010, she has seen this company grow and has been part of what has kept the company's culture alive. Angela started off as a Solar Expert in Sales and has grown with the company to share her Human Resources experience as the Human Resources Coordinator.

Angela’s Guilty Pleasure: all things Disney